Urban Servant Corps

Metropolitan Denver, Colorado

USC is a one-year, full-time Lutheran volunteer program involved in ministries serving inner-city Denver. The USC works in cooperation with community agencies, churches, and individuals in the city as channels of God's love and concern. USC volunteers bring a variety of gifts to the larger community. USC volunteer positions balance between working with direct service programs to address immediate needs, and advocating or networking with other organizations to work for long-term social change.

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Border Servant Corps

Las Cruces, New Mexico
El Paso, Texas
Juarez, Mexico

Border Servant CorpsThe Border Servant Corps seeks to live out God’s promises as demonstrated by Christ; viewing a world where peace and justice through nonviolence is honored and extended to each other and the earth we share. This vision of faith contrasts with what often seems to be the prevailing expression of violence and oppression through which power and control are gained and maintained. We are increasingly convinced of the need for people to live by Christ’s example of love demonstrated in action. We also realize that Christ, who is present in those with whom we work and serve, continues to teach us daily. We support, affirm, and challenge one another in a community living setting.

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