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2017 Theological Conference Schedule

2017 Theological Conference Schedule 

Marriott Colorado Springs
5580 Tech Center Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Monday, September 18
9:00am-3:00pm:   Contemplative Prayer Retreat:  Salon F
2:30-5:30pm:  Registration Open: Salon D Pre-Assembly Area
3:00-4:30pm:  New to Synod Gathering: Rockrimmon 3/4
4:00pm:   Welcome Reception: Courtyard
5:00pm:   Bishop’s Welcome: Courtyard
5:30pm:   Dinner: Salon E
7:00pm:   Opening Worship: Salon D

The hotel lounge will be open for informal evening fellowship.


Tuesday, September 19
6:30am:  Breakfast open: Ascent Restaurant
7:00am:   Holy Yoga: Courtyard
8:30am:   Open Space Conversations (See Registration Area for listing)
8:30am:    Registration                  
9:00am:   Coffee Fellowship
9:30am:   Session 1: Salon D
Sarah Ciavarri: Creating Space
                        Mike Ward: Hard Conversations

11:00am:  Coffee Break
11:30am:  Worship: Salon D
12:30pm:  Lunch: Pavilion

1:30pm:    Session 2
Track 1: Salon D

1:30-4:30:  Vulnerability/Daring Way with Sarah Ciavarri


Track 2: Salon FGH
1:30-2:15:  The impact of economic challenges and financial anxiety on ministry and leaders- Adam DeHoek, ELCA Resourceful Stewards

 2:30-3:15:  Congregational Vitality & Vulnerability, Linda Bobbitt, ELCA

 3:30-4:15:  Stewardship Tools Part 1: Mike Ward


Tuesday dinner is on your own.  An optional Beer and Hymns will take place at the Wild Goose from 7:00-8:30pm. In addition to a full menu at the Wild Goose, there are a number of restaurants within walking distance.  Beer & Hymns at the Goose is a regular event of Ascension Lutheran Church and First Congregational Church.


Wednesday, September 20
6:30am:    Breakfast open: Ascent Restaurant
7:00am:    Holy Yoga: Courtyard
8:30am:   Mike Ward:  Stump the consultant: Rockrimmon 3
                  Grace Pomroy: How to prepare for retirement when it feels light years away: Rockrimmon 4
                  Open Space Conversations (See Registration Area for listing)

9:00am:    Coffee Fellowship
9:30am:    Session 3: Salon D
                   Bishop Gonia: Our Life Together
                   Updates from the Office of the Bishop
10:45am:  Coffee Break
11:15am:  Worship:  Salon D

12:30pm:  Lunch: Pavilion
                        Interim Pastor Lunch: Rockrimmon 4
                        Mission Developer/Redeveloper Lunch: Rockrimmon 3
            Participants should get lunch from the Pavilion before going to their respective
           breakout rooms.

2:00pm:    Conference Conversations:
                        Metro West: Rockrimmon 4
                         Metro East: Eagle’s Nest 2
                        Metro South: Eagle’s Nest 1
                        Boulder-Broomfield: Salon F
                        North Colorado: Salon G
                        SE Colorado: Salon H
                        North New Mexico: Salon D
                        Border: Salon D
                        Wyoming: Rockrimmon 3
                        Utah: Room 719

3:00pm: Session 4: Breakout Sessions

            Preaching Workshop: Sarah Ciavarri, Salon D

           Stewardship Part 2: Putting it into practice (need not to have attended part 1): Mike Ward, Eagles 1 & 2

           The impact of economic challenges and financial anxiety on ministry and leaders: Adam DeHoek, Salon F

           Smooth Sailing: Becoming a Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times:
Grace Pomroy, Salon G

4:00pm:  Break
5:00pm:  Cash Bar Reception: Registration/Exhibitor Area (available until 7:00)
5:30pm:  Dinner: Salon E
7:00pm:  RMS Improv Night: Salon D

Thursday, September 22
6:30am:    Breakfast open: Ascent Restaurant
7:00am:    Holy Yoga: Courtyard
8:00am:    Coffee Fellowship
8:30am:   Session 5: Salon D
                 Sarah Ciavarri: What Now?

10:30am:  Break
10:45am:  Closing Worship: Salon D
                    Installation of Rev. Leslie Welton, Assistant to the Bishop for Faith Formation and Candidacy

11:45am: Go in Peace. Serve the Lord!

Suggested Resources

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene' Brown

Daring Greatly by Brene' Brown

Rising Strong by Brene' Brown

I thought it Just Me by Brene' Brown

The Soul of Shame by Dr. Curt Thompson

The Anatomy of the Soul by Dr. Curt Thompson

Self-Compassion by Dr. Kristin Neff

The Thin Book of Trust by Charles Feltman

The Very Good Gospel by Lisa Sharon Harper

Without Shame or Fear; From Adam to Christ by Robert Hirschfeld

Shame-Less Lives, Grace-Full Congregations by Karen McClintock