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2017 Theological Conference Evaluation

Thank you for attending the 2017 RMS Theological Conference! Videos, keynote presentations, worship bulletins, and other resources will be posted on the Theological Conference webpage as they are available. If you have any questions, please email Erin Power:





What is the main reason(s) for attending our annual Theological Conference? (check all that apply)
One of the markers of a successful and worthwhile event is that it made a difference to those who attended. Please share something you learned, a spiritual practice gained, a new tool for ministry, or something about the event that was helpful to you. If you would prefer to keep your reflections to yourself, you are welcome to leave it blank or simply say "this event mattered to me".
Please rate the logistics of the conference, with 5 being the highest
Hotel *
Meals *
Colorado Springs Location *
General flow of schedule *
Please rate the content of the conference, with 5 being the highest. Please choose NA if you did not attend
Prayer Retreat *
Worship *
Sarah Ciavarri Opening Address *
Sarah Ciavarri Afternoon Session *
Stewardship Sessions with Mike Ward *
Afternoon Breakout Sessions *
Conference Meetings *
Bishop Gonia Morning Session *
Improv Session *
Thursday Closing Session *
This is the first year we have had full Eucharist services each day. Please share any thoughts about our daily worship.
We continue to wrestle with how best to honor your time and registration cost. Our hope is that Theological Conference is time away, and we intentionally try to limit what help and leadership we ask of you. We also have tried to keep cost reasonable, meaning we have less budget to contract for musicians and other leadership like we often do for Synod Assembly. Please share your thoughts regarding the planning of Theological Conference.
The 2018 Theological Conference will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. Please share any suggestions regarding schedule, theme, speaker, worship, etc.
If you would be interested in helping with next year's conference, please share your name below and the area you would be interested in helping with. You may also email this information to Areas for leadership: Worship, Logistics/Technology, Breakout sessions (list topic), Hospitality.