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Church Development Institute

Welcome to the Church Development Institute sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Synod!

People who confess a Trinitarian God are people who believe that God is all about the relationship.

Our congregations need leaders who can navigate and practice healthy relationships. The RMS is a hosting a modified version of the Church Development Institute in three different locations; Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah. CDI has been used extensively in the Colorado Episcopal Diocese and has equipped many congregations to find renewed meaning and purpose in their life together. We are currently planning to use the model and bring CDI to the other parts of our Synod. 

CDI is a two-year program proven to help congregations grow in health and spirituality. The class meets four full Saturdays a year with three 2-hour video conferences, also on Saturdays. The cost is $400 per congregation per year for two people and $100 per person for each additional person. The cost covers lunch, snacks and offsets the cost of travel for the trainers.

Because the best learning happens when interacting with peers, we will only move forward with this class if we have a minimum number of people and congregations. Our deadline for registration is August 25, 2017. If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can confirm the class and settle on the location. We have not chosen a location because we want it to be centrally located for the participating congregations.

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Dates for New Mexico:

Sept 16 – all day

Oct 14 – WebEx 9-11

Nov 11 – all day

Jan 13 – WebEx 9-11

Mar 3 – all day

Apr 14 – WebEx 9-11

May 12 – all day


Dates for Utah:

Sept 30  – all day

Oct 14 – WebEx 9-11

Nov 18 – all day

Jan 13 – WebEx 9-11

Feb 10 – all day

Apr 14 – WebEx 9-11

May 19 – all day


Dates for Wyoming:

Sept 9  – all day

Oct 14 – WebEx 9-11

Oct 28 – all day

Jan 13 – WebEx 9-11

Jan 27 – all day

Apr 14 – WebEx 9-11

Apr 28 – all day