Your Colorado Ballot: Fall 2021

Our 2021 Voter Guide is here! Through the faithful discernment of our Lutheran Advocacy Ministry Colorado Policy Committee, this Voter Guide offers recommendations on how to think about our three Colorado ballot measures.

**Download our 2021 Voter Guide**

Election Day is November 2, 2021. Your ballot should have arrived at your registered voter address by now, but in case it has not, contact the Secretary of State's Office or visit any Voter Service & Polling Center for a ballot. In Colorado, you can register to vote up to 7:00pm on Election Day!

You also received one or more "Blue Books" in the mail. One describes statewide measures; others would describe local measures on your ballot. Copies of the Blue Book in English and Spanish are available online here.

We have a podcast! Check out LAM-CO Director Peter Severson and Rev. Zach Parris from Lutheran Campus Ministry at CU-Boulder on "Pod Bless America," discussing all three of the Colorado ballot measures:

Pod Bless America: Talking Colorado Ballot Initiatives