We all want rostered ministers to be satisfied and effective in their ministry. This helps serve God’s mission in the world. For many rostered ministers, financial stress stands in the way. Frequently, this stress is due to a lack of emergency savings, a lack of retirement savings, or both.

To address these challenges, the ELCA Churchwide Resourceful Servants program offers two Savings Matching programs, one for emergency savings and one for retirement savings. These programs partner with rostered ministers to encourage a habit of saving by providing matching funding to grow savings and retirement accounts more rapidly.

How to Qualify and Apply

The Savings Matching programs open on August 18 and close on October 15, 2020.

The first step is to review the Savings Matching Programs Overview Booklet.

After you have read through the booklet, complete the online Financial Wellness Assessment. If you qualify for either program, you will be directed to the application for that program as part of the assessment.  You may apply for both savings match programs if you are eligible.