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Ministry Partner Opportunities

Exhibitor Opportunities 

For this year's synod assembly, there are three main ways to participate as a partner in ministry:

  • Submit a page in our Ministry Magazine (information below)
    • Deadline: March 19
  • Submit a video to be played during assembly (we will play these as needed for fillers and as time allows.) Videos can be submitted directly to Deacon Erin Power either through file share or a Vimeo link. Youtube links will not be accepted, as we need a file type that can be downloaded. 
    • Deadline: April 9
  • Submit a slide to be played prior to worship. File type must be jpeg, png, or other graphic file type (not powerpoint). Graphics can be submitted HERE.
    • Deadline: April 9.


Bonus Opportunity!  We will be sending out congregational retreat packets with lots of fun things to create an embodied digital gathering. If you have something small, lightweight, and something that could be used during assembly, it could be included in the boxes. We're including small bags of coffee from our camps, as an example. Other ideas could be candy, a candle, playdoh or stress ball, snacks, tea, activity challenges for breaks (stretches, trivia, etc.) etc. Contact Deacon Erin to chat about this! 


Ministry Magazine

In line with our assembly theme "The Stories We Tell", this year's ministry magazine will feature your stories! How has your ministry adapted in this past year? What does Church Becoming look like in your ministry? What transformation or learning has happened? How are you engaging in justice, anti-racism, or dismantling systems of oppression? 

Submitted pages MUST follow the format of this template. Ministry Magazine submissions must be 8.5x11 Word files If your ministry has standard pages to include in synod assemblies, we will share them on our website but they will NOT be included in the printed magazine. A few examples will be posted soon.

Submit your Ministry Magazine Page Here 


3E Ministry Magazine Page