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Colorado 2021 Advocacy Agenda

Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-Colorado has adopted its 2021 Policy Agenda. Check out our areas of focus:

  • Ending Hunger
    • Improve access and usage rates for SNAP benefits for already-qualified individuals and support protection of the program on a federal level
    • Encourage greater participation in food and nutrition programs, particularly for children age 0-18
    • Support and collaborate with allied faith-based entities in local and regional work, including ELCA World Hunger, the Rocky Mountain Synod World Hunger Team and Bread for the World


  • Poverty Reduction
    • Support follow-up legislative work to implement voter-approved Proposition 118, establishing a paid family and medical leave insurance program
    • Protect access to federal programs for people living in poverty
    • Support reform of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to give elected representatives fiscal authority in taxation


  • Access to Housing
    • Promote measures to expand and protect housing options for low-income individuals and families, particularly renters, and to extend eviction protections during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Ensure that people experiencing homelessness have the right and responsibility to access robust services and support


  • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Work with reform advocates on automatic record sealing and sentence commutation, with a focus on sentences with disproportionate racialized impacts
    • Advocate for reduced police interaction and increased response from trained mental health professionals for those experiencing mental health crises


  • Public Health
    • Protect health care access as a public good and human right that should be available to everyone regardless of ability to pay, particularly follow-up care for those suffering long-term effects from COVID-19
    • Support awareness of public safety in relation to firearms, and understanding firearm-involved deaths (homicides and suicides) as a major public health concern and support home safe storage measures
    • Promote access to care and treatment for those suffering from opioid addiction
    • Address the impacts of anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal ideation and other mental health conditions exacerbated by the pandemic, particularly among front-line health care workers and young people


  • Migrants and Refugees
    • Interpret and promote the sanctuary denomination decision of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly
    • Support ELCA Washington Office advocacy around asylum/refugee and immigration policies and collaborate where possible with Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services and Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains


  • Caring for Our Environment
    • Engage proactively with Colorado legislators (state and federal) to encourage legislation to address the root causes of the climate crisis, including greenhouse gas emissions
    • Support incentive-building programs to reduce global warming and grants to local communities to build renewable infrastructure, in the model of Lutherans Restoring Creation
    • Address economic implications of transitioning communities away from fossil fuel and extraction-based energy economy