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Congregational Resources from the Rocky Mountain Synod & ELCA Churchwide Organization

In this area, you’ll find a number of resources that may be helpful to congregations and their various ministries.

Some of the resources in this section have been produced and released by the ELCA churchwide office, and are therefore automatically approved by the RMS for use within the synod. 

The remainder of the resources in this section are provided by the Congregational Ministries Board (CMB) in collaboration with the Office of the Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod, and have been approved by the Synod Council, with the goal of providing information, best practices, and guidance as appropriate. These resources have been produced specifically with ELCA RMS congregations in mind, through a period of research, analysis, and development. Generally, these resources are accompanied by additional guidance on tailoring and implementing them in a local congregational setting. If you have questions about any of these resources, please reach out to Sarah Moening.

If you have any great resources you’d like to share, or would like to see resources added for a particular topic, please contact Erin Power.


  • CAN WE TALK? Engaging Worship and Culture
    A guide to encourage and accompany conversations about worship and culture in your content, relating to the 1996 Nairobi Statement on Worship and Culture from the Department for Theology and Studies of the Lutheran World Federation. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. 2016. 

Stewardship and Financial Matters

  • Guidelines for Severance Policy
    A guide and model for developing a severance compensation policy for rostered leaders at termination of call. Published February 10, 2016; approved by Synod Council May 2016.
  • Facility Use (coming soon)
    Information and a template for developing a congregation’s individual policy on facility/property use. Published May 2017; approved by Synod Council May 2017.
  • ELCA Stewards of God’s Love (Resources and Inserts)
    A tool for year-round stewardship ministry, with four major emphases: down, in, out, and annual financial response. Includes Bible verses, readings, ways to reimagine the offering, and ideas to help you get started. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. Date unknown. 
  • Congregational Audit Guide
    A Q&A guide to congregational audits. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. February 28, 2013.
  • Congregational Treasurers Financial and Accounting Guide
    An in-depth guide for congregational treasurers. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. September 6, 2013.
  • Financial Contingency Planning
    A guide to developing a contingency plan during the budget development process. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. April 2013.
  • Handling Financial Matters in the Congregation
    A high-level slide deck covering various financial topics. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization.
  • Internal Control Best Practices
    A guide to internal control and accounting policies for good stewardship and care of financial resources. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. June 2013.

RMS Guidelines

  • Part-Time Ministry Guidelines *NEW*
    This document provides congregations and rostered ministers with important topics of consideration regarding
    part-time ministry.

Misc. Administration