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More External Resources

In this area, you’ll find a number of resources that may be helpful to congregations and their various ministries. In an effort to foster increased collaboration and connection across our synod, we present this repository of existing resources for congregational ministries. As a reminder, these resources have not been heavily vetted or edited in any way by the Congregational Ministries Board, Synod Council, or Rocky Mountain Synod as a whole. That being said, they may be helpful as a general guide or template. Whenever possible, direct contact information is provided for the original contributor, in case of any follow-up questions.

If you have any great resources you’d like to share, or would like to see resources added for a particular topic, please contact Erin Power.


Evangelism and Outreach


60 Evangelism Questions
A 60-question evangelism questionnaire/audit for use within a congregation. From Creative Parish Resources. 2010.


Hospitality Audit
A 32-question hospitality questionnaire/audit for use within a congregation. From New Life Ministries.


Caffeinated Church Resources
An online repository of various communications and marketing resources. From the Communications Office of The Episcopal Church in Colorado, Office of the Bishop (, 303-837-1173).



Growing in Mission


1-on-1 Relational Meetings
A guide to deepening relationships and meetings within the congregation and with the larger community. Compiled by Rev. Susan Engh, ELCA Program Director for Congregation-based Organizing ( Date unknown (2013 or earlier).


A Model for Thinking About Mission
A one-page document illustrating and describing how we discern our mission by looking to the intersection of our identity, context, and purpose. Source and date unknown.


Front Porchin’: Making Disciples and Forming Faith in Exile
A narrative on evangelism and telling our stories. By Harold “Jake” Jacobson, Director of Evangelical Mission, Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA. Date unknown.


Growing Congregational Vitality: Missional Planning Process Workbook
A workbook and guide to the missional planning process. From By Dr. Joyce Thompsen, Vice President of the Southwest California Synod, via Southwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA. September 2013.


Missional Leadership Book List
A one-page listing of missional leadership books available from Augsburg Fortress (now 1517 Media). From Augsburg Fortress (now 1517 Media). Date unknown.  


Paradigms for Mission Renewal
A one-page guide to shift paradigms related to mission renewal. From the Saint Paul Area Synod, ELCA. Date unknown.


Sample Congregation Mission Plan
A sample congregational mission plan. From the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA. 2011.



Holy Closure


Disposition of Records of Disbanding Congregations
A short document detailing the archival procedures and records for preserving the history of a disbanding congregation. From the ELCA Churchwide Organization. April 2010.



Identity and Mission Statements


A Process for Discerning a Purpose Statement  
A 10-step how-to process to guide your congregation through discerning a purpose statement. From “Re-Rooting in God’s Mission,” Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota Synods, ELCA. Date unknown.


A Season for Prayer and Renewal
A resource offering several options for use in observing A Season of Prayer and Renewal, intended to facilitate prayer, reflection, and conversation in a spirit of attentiveness. From the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA. August 2012.





Sample: Human Resource Policy Manual (St. Philip)
A sample in-depth human resource policy manual; also contains several sample job descriptions (Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Church Business Administrator, Church Office Administrator, Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries, Custodian, Director of Music Ministries, Nursery Supervisor/Coordinator, Nursery Assistant, Organist/Pianist). From St. Philip Lutheran Church, exact location unknown. November 4, 2016.  


Sample: Personnel Policies (Holy Trinity)
A sample personnel policy manual. From Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Littleton, Colorado. September 25, 2012.  


Churchwide Organization Personnel Policies
An in-depth draft of personal policies for the ELCA Churchwide Organization. As recommended to the ELCA Church Council. November 2014.  


Sample: Staff Evaluation Worksheet (Our Savior’s)
A sample evaluation worksheet for staff members. From Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Greeley, CO. date unknown.


Sample: Performance Management Evaluation (Mount Calvary)
A sample goal-based performance evaluation. From Mount Calvary, exact location unknown. Date unknown.   


Sample: 360 Degree Feedback Form
A sample ‘360 Feedback Form’ for employee evalutations. From Mount Calvary, exact location unknown. Date unknown.


How to use a 360 evaluation
A short explanation for how one congregation uses the ‘360 Feedback Form’ for evaluations. Source and date unknown.  


Sample Job Description: Associate Pastor (Cross of Christ)
A sample job description for an Associate Pastor. From Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, exact location unknown. Date unknown.


Sample Job Description: Congregational Life Coordinator (Cross of Christ)
A sample job description for a Congregational Life Coordinator. From Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, exact location unknown. Date unknown.


Sample Job Descriptions – Various (Augustana)
A compilation of several sample job descriptions (Senior Pastor, Finance Administrator, Publications Administrator, Administrator of Volunteer Ministry and Building Use, Children’s and Family Minister, Evangelist Specializing in Senior Ministry, Minister of Music and Organist, Building and Grounds Manager, Part-Time Custodian/Janitor, Faith Community Nurse, and Associate Pastor).   


Sample Job Description: Minister of Music (Cross of Christ)
A sample job description for a Minister of Music. From Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, exact location unknown. Date unknown.


Sample Job Description: Organist/Accompanist (Cross of Christ)
A sample job description for an Organist/Accompanist. From Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, exact location unknown. Date unknown.


Evaluating Your Pastoral Relationship and Evaluating Your Congregation Council Culture
A rubric for evaluating the character and leadership competency of the pastor and council. Source and date unknown.



Stewardship and Financial Matters


Why should congregations prepare narrative budgets?
A one-page rationale for narrative budgeting. Source and date unknown.  





Liturgy of Thanksgiving at the Conclusion of an Interim Pastorate
A sample one-page litany for the conclusion of an interim pastorate. Source and date unknown.


Litany Against White Supremacy
A litany against white supremacy, prepared following the August 2017 white supremacy rallies in Charlottesville, VA. Prepared by Rev Jennie Chrien and Rev. Elizabeth Rawlings. August 2017.


Service of Lament and Reconciliation
A service of lament and reconciliation following the June 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. Prepared by Rev. Ray McKechnie, including material written by Rev. Rebecca Sumner and Rev. Laurie Ann Kraus. June 2016.