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Gathering Well Discussion Board Sign-up

Thanks for your interest in a synod-wide conversation on Gathering Well! Select below which discussions you would like to be a part of (don't worry, you aren't locked into this and can change your mind later on!) Within a few days of signing up, you will receive an invitation to join Basecamp and access the discussion board. 

Guidelines for our conversation:

  • You don't have to wait until you read the whole book before posting! Share your thoughts and questions as they arise!
  • Keep the conversation going! Check Basecamp regularly to respond to others' thoughts, or set alerts for when responses are made.
  • The goal is to learn together, with and from one another, so ask questions for clarification, disagree respectfully, and assume the best possible intentions.
  • The thread for each book will begin 2-3 weeks prior to the live conversation:
    • Community: June 25
    • Digital Cathedral: July 12
    • The Art of Gathering: August 1
    • Fierce Conversations: August 26
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Please select which discussions you think you would like to join. You can change your mind later, don't worry!