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Exhibitors and Display Area

Exhibitor Requests

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Thank you for being a part of our 2020 Synod Assembly! Your work and ministry is vital to our witness "for the life of the world" and we are excited to help you share part of your story. The shorter, regional format of this year's assembly does impact opportunities for your participation.  Opportunities for your involvement this year include:

  • Ministry Magazine
  • Display table
  • We would welcome any videos you have to share. They will be used in-between sessions as time allows, and we will share them on our social media channels post-assembly. 

For ministries within our synod, it will make sense to attend the assembly location nearest to your ministry. For those outside of the RMS, please be in conversation with Deacon Erin Power to decide which location makes the most sense! Please email Deacon Erin with ( with any other questions regarding display space or other exhibitor requests. 

 Please fill out the Exhibitor Request Form to reserve your display table and ministry magazine page

Remember, you must also register as an exhibitor, visitor, or voting member to participate in the display area.


Ministry Magazine

We are grateful for your partnership in ministry and the many ways you support the mission of the Rocky Mountain Synod in proclaiming and embodying God's unconditional love for the sake of the world. Our ministry magazine is one way to help tell your story to our synod. We encourage you to use your ministry magazine page to tell a story this year, through both words and pictures. What is the story you want the world to know about your ministry? 

Ministry Magazine page should be one 8.5x11 in PDF format. 

Email Deacon Erin Power with questions regarding the Ministry Magazine.
Deadline for Submitting the Ministry Magazine Page is March 20. Pages submitted after this date are not guaranteed to be included in the print version of the magazine. 


Guidelines for Assembly Displays

These general guidelines also relate to pages included in our assembly ministry magazine and open space conversations.

In accordance with the model established by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) for display space at assemblies, the Rocky Mountain Synod requires all requests for display space at its assemblies to meet the following criteria:

• Display space exists only for the purpose of informing and educating voting members and visitors to the assembly.

• Display space is provided to the agencies and institutions related to the synod; task forces, teams, committees, and affiliated ministries of the synod; units and ministries of the ELCA, and ecumenical ministries affiliated with and approved by the synod.

• No display space will be provided for organizations that have no official relationship to the ELCA.

• No commercial displays or sales booths are permitted. Any items that are sold must have prior approval from the Assembly Planning Committee.

• A display that does not relate to the mission and purpose of the synod or is considered offensive will be removed. The decision of the Assembly Planning Committee and the bishop will be final.

• The decision to grant permission for a display and the placement of tables is that of the Assembly Planning Committee.

• The contact person requesting the space is responsible for the set up and removal of the display.

• The Rocky Mountain Synod and the assembly host will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to display items.

• All shipping costs related to a display are the responsibility of the display host.

• Registration as a voting member, a visitor, or an exhibitor is required for each organization requesting display space.