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Nominations and Elections

Bishop Elections

6 year term; see separate Bishop Election Process

Boards and Committees

1st Ballot results here
Runoff Ballot results here

Consultation Committee (6 year term, meet at needed)
The function of the Consultation Committee is to consider matters of substantive congregational conflict, if consultation with the synodical bishop does not resolve said matter (See Chapters 11 and 17 of the RMS Constitution for more details). Email Janice Ladd-Horkey for more information.

(2) At Large Clergy


Committee on Discipline  (6 year term, meet as needed)
The Committee on Discipline is convened by the synodical bishop to serve as part of Hearing Committee, when substantive charges are brought against an individual or congregation (See Chapter 20 of the ELCA Constitution for more details). Email Janice Ladd-Horkey for more information.

View Committee on Discipline Nominee Biographies here

(3) At Large Lay Male

  • Lawrence A. “Bud” Sittig (elected)

(2) At Large Clergy

  • Stephanie Kopsch (elected)
  • Teri L. Hermsmeyer (elected)

Global Mission Committee  (4 year term; meet monthly via web, 1 in-person retreat/year)
The function of the Global Mission Committee is to lift up and interpret the work of ELCA Global Mission and the glocal reality of the Rocky Mountain Synod. This team works with the RMS Hunger Network, Peace Not Walls, Companion Synod Committee, and Young Adults in Global Mission to collectively support our work as a Global Church. Email Pr. Diana Linden-Johnson for more information.

View Global Mission Committee Nominee Biographies here

(3) At Large Lay or Clergy

  • Gail C. Britt
  • Amanda M. King (elected)
  • Peter J. Kapenga (elected)
  • Judy A. Neve
  • Paula M. Stecker (elected)

Mission Outreach Board  (4 year term, meet monthly via web, 1 in-person retreat/year)
The Mission Outreach Board is responsible for promoting, extending and coordinating the mission outreach activity of the synod, both on its own territory and throughout the world. This committee will work the Director of Evangelical Mission to coordinate and support new and existing congregational missions in the synod. Email Pr. Judith VanOsdol for more information.

View Mission Outreach Board Nominee Biographies here

(6) At Large Lay or Clergy

  • Brad Abbott (elected)
  • Matt T. Barnhouse (elected)
  • Jeremy “Jay” R Gamelin (elected)
  • Susan Jane Nolan (elected)
  • Elizabeth (Libbie) A Reinking (elected)
  • David P. Ryder (elected)

Congregational Ministries Board  (4 year term, meet monthly via web, 2 in-person meetings/year)
The Congregational Ministries Board is responsible for providing the resources to strengthen the life and mission of the congregations of this synod. Currently the board’s focus is on creating resources and guidelines to support  best practices for congregational leadership. Email Pr. Tim Orlowski for more information

View Congregational Ministries Nominee Biographies here

(1) Border Conference, Lay or Clergy


(1) Denver Metro, Lay or Clergy

  • Theodore (Ted) W. Michelsen (elected)

(1) Colorado, not Denver Metro, Lay or Clergy


(1) New Mexico, Lay or Clergy


(1) Wyoming, Lay or Clergy

  • Roger Allen Larsen (elected)

Campus Ministry Committee

View Campus Ministry Nominee Biographies here

(3) At Large, Lay or Clergy

  • Donna T. Berardinelli
  • Allyson Grace Williams (elected)
  • Jeffrey Kelty (elected)
  • Julie Britsch (elected)
  • Austin McDowell

Synod Council (4 year term; meets monthly via web, 3 in-person meetings/year)
The Synod Council shall be the board of directors of this synod and shall serve as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly.  The Council meets 3 times a year in person, and monthly via the web (see chapter 9 of the RMS Constitution for more details).  Contact Earline Bohling for more information.

View Synod Council Nominee Biographies here

(1) At Large Lay Female

  • Debra Frank Dew (elected)

(1) At Large Lay Male

  • Michael Ray Ferry (elected)
  • Michael R. Stoker

(1) Ethnic Specific Ministry or English as a second language  (Lay or Clergy)

  • Theresa (Terry) A. Schjang (elected)

(1) Youth

  • Maggie Nieberger (elected)
  • Wyatt Smith

(1) Metro East Conference (Clergy)

  • Matthew Bolz-Weber (elected)
  • Alena. M. Lamirato

(1) Metro South Conference (Clergy)

  • Dave Palma-Ruwe (elected)

(1) North Colorado Conference (Lay)

  • Jeffrey K. Fairfax (elected)

(1) North New Mexico Conference (Lay)

  • Terry E. Cole (elected)
  • John R. Emery

(1) Utah Conference (Clergy)

  • Reba L. Kiger-Kolasch (elected)

2019 Churchwide Assembly: August 5-10, Milwaukee, WI

View 2019 Churchwide Assembly Nominee Biographies here

(1) Border Conference Lay Female

  • Susan Mitchell (elected)

(1) Colorado Lay Male

  • Robert C. Erickson (elected)

(1) Colorado Clergy

  • Carrie A. Baylis
  • Emily J. Cardin (elected)

(1) North New Mexico Conference Lay Female

  • Terry E. Cole
  • Cynthia Biddlecomb (elected)

(1) Utah Conference Lay Male

  • Michael R. Stoker (elected)
  • Richard H. Weber

(1) Wyoming Conference Clergy

  • Joshua S. Bruns (elected)

(1) At Large Clergy

  • Chad M. Kohlmeyer
  • Ryan W. Roberts
  • Gordon L. Sandquist
  • Nicolé Raddu Ferry (elected)
  • Leta Behrens
  • Eric Allert

(1) At Large Deacon

  • Erin A. Power (elected)

(1) At Large Person of Color Clergy

  • Christine Higueria-Street (elected)

(1) At Large Person of Color Lay Female

  • Angela Chacon
  • Maria Sutton (elected)

(1) At Large Youth or Young Adult Lay Female

  • Sophia E. Behrens (elected)

(1) At Large Youth or Young Adult Lay Male

  • Joseph Schmidt
  • Luke Britsch
  • Wyatt Smith (elected)
  • Austin McDowell
  • Jeffrey K. Fairfax