Join the second series of Generosity Watch Parties!

The Generosity Watch Parties resumed in July with another series of speakers and curated materials available for viewing and participation. The Watch Parties are open to everyone. If you have not registered previously, please register for this second series using this link:    GENEROSITY WATCH PARTY REGISTRATION  If you registered for the first series, it isn't necessary to register again. We will send you email notification and a Zoom link prior to each session.

The sessions will continue on a Saturday morning from 10:00-11:00am MDT and 9:00 AZ time. The remaining topic is:

  • September 24: "Abundance Mindset"

Each session includes these components:

  • Technical presentation: led by 3E Generosity / Stewardship consultants from GSB Fundraising.
  • Adaptive presentation: led by Synod staff and Excellence in Leadership presenters
  • Spirituality presentation: led by Synod staff and invited guests
  • Follow-up packet of relevant online resources from the Center for Generosity 

Questions? Contact Deb Elstad, RMS 3E Associate Director of Stewardship or Tina Kvitek, RMS Development Director.

"Generosity Watch Parties" were presented in January, February, March,  July and August to inspire and empower a culture of generosity in the Rocky Mountain Synod. They took place from 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. on three Saturdays. Please register to join the next series and you will receive the Zoom link prior to each session. You are welcome to use the link below to reach the recordings of the sessions and curated follow up materials. Link to: Recording of each session and curated follow up resources

  • August 27, "Not Stewardship in a Box

  • July 30, "Practicing Gratitude

  • March 26, "Generosity and the Budget

  • February 26, "Storytelling

  • January 22: "Governance"