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Healthy Leaders

Spiritual Direction

RMS Spiritual Director List

I would like to add my name to the Spiritual Director LIst.


Why live well?

Seeking to live well in mind, body and spirit is a personal journey, undertaken for personal reasons. 

"Do you live well?" or "Do you feel centered day to day?" or "Does your faith ground you in life?" 

Resilience is really at the core of being well, that capacity to handle what life throws at you, to take on 

challenges vigorously but not compulsively, to fit a health condition gracefully into your life — to be a 

healthy leader able to enhance the lives of others.

Small Steps

It doesn't take much to start living well. In fact, it starts with taking one small step. What's one small 

step you could take toward wellness? Did some small step make a difference in your life?



Ten Reasons to Live Well 
in the ELCA

To be a more effective leader for the sake
of the world

To role-model healthy behaviors for our children

To have a healthier relationship with God

To endure hardship with resilience and grace

To feel better in mind and body

To avoid lifestyle-related illness

To better steward gifts given by God

To age with strength and dignity

To lead my congregation toward wellness

To help decrease overall health care costs and increase mission dollars