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RMS Hunger Ambassadors

World Hunger Ambassador Program

On November 12, 2017, the first class of synod World Hunger Ambassadors were trained!  Additional ambassadors received training at the Hunger Network's retreat on January 11, 2019.  They are ready to consult with your congregations and help raise awareness and creatively increase fundraising.  Just contact them for help!

The Rocky Mountain Synod is the first one to pilot this program.  Training materials are excellent, and ambassadors have been busy contacting congregations and sharing ideas on Base Camp...which YOU can join when you join the team. We want to be available to do whatever congregations think would be helpful.  Our current ambassadors are incredibly creative and dedicated.  Think about joining this exciting new program! 

Barbara Ripperger is the coordinator for this program.  Click on her name and send her an email if you are interested in participating in a shortened training in the synod office or via WebEx or Zoom.  Several conferences still need ambassadors.

Here are the ambassadors ready to go to work. Feel free to contact them directly!

Northern Colorado Conference: Sophia Behrens and Carol McDivitt

Boulder/Broomfield Conference: Carol McDivitt

Metro East Conference: Pastor Libbie Reinking and Jean Gall

Metro South Conference: Jen Engquist

Southeast Colorado Conference: Kenna Lawson

Border Conference: Megan Barnhouse

Wyoming Conference: Anna Thompson


What can an Ambassador do for YOUR congregation??

You can ask Roger Karspeck and the people of First St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Burlington, CO, what ambassador Kenna Lawson's visit inspired them to do!  

Read the story in the February issue of the Daily Bread bulletin insert and download the First St. Paul's Challenge form.  Both of these are found under the Documents section of the right column!

INVITE AN AMBASSADOR to your congregation and see what happens!