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"We in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America minister with the most vulnerable of the newcomers through congregations and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS). Where possible, we work ecumenically. Our ministry resettles refugees, advocates on behalf of detained asylum seekers, assists unaccompanied children, offers pastoral and legal counsel to persons without legal status, aides persons with the citizenship process, and helps newcomers learn to live in a new country." - ELCA social message on immigration (1998)

Border Ministry Resources

"Hospitality for the uprooted is a way to live out the biblical call to love the neighbor in response to God's love in Jesus Christ. They recall for us God's commandment to Israel: 'The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God' (Leviticus 19:34)..." 

For the Immigrant Community

"Jesus said he is present: 'I was a stranger and you welcomed me' (Matthew 25:35)..."

Immigration Hotline
If you are witness to I.C.E. activity anywhere, report it immediately

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice
Provides resources for immigrants facing I.C.E. 

IMIrJ Accompaniment Project
Provides volunteers to accompany you to immigration office (I.C.E) check-ins/hearings and other related appointments

For Congregations

"...They call on Martin Luther to ask us: 'How do we know that the love of God dwells in us? If we take upon ourselves the need of the neighbor.'"

Advocacy Groups

Border Action Network
Group formed in 1999 to protect human rights and civil rights on the Arizona-Mexico border

Faith-Based Organizations

Travel seminars focusing on issues of US/Mexico border communities; faith-based binational education program based in Tucson, AZ 

Cristo Rey Border Immersions
Border immersion and education in El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico, sister cities on the Rio Grande 

Humane Borders
Provides water stations on and near border, founded by Rev. Robin Hoover, Tucson

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Develops service programs and organizations and influences public policy around the globe

Accompanies migrant children and families in the courtroom

Federal Agencies

Office of Refugee Resettlement
Links immigrants to helpful resources and assists with integration into the United States

Department of Homeland Security 
See “Immigration and Borders” 

US Customs and Border Protection 
See “border security”

Sanctuary FAQs from ACLU

Memorial from 2019 CWA regarding Sanctuary


ELCA Statements on Immigration

ELCA social message on immigration - 1998 (in English) (in Spanish)

Toward Compassionate, Just, and Wise Immigration Reform - 2009 (in English) (in Spanish)

Bishop Eaton's statement on family separation - 2018 (click here)