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2017 Intent for Mission Suppport

Thank you from Bishop Gonia

Thank you from Rocky Mountain Synod Council


An invitation for your 2017 Statement of Intent from the ELCA Mission Support Team:

Your ministry partners in the ELCA invite you to make a statement of intent to synod and churchwide ministries for 2017.  As you consider your commitment, please note this invitation models the spiritual practices of regular reflection and faithful responses to God's abundant grace.  We encourage each expression of the church (households, congregations, and synods) to engage in these practices regularly.  In this way we move beyond ourselves to do God's work together. 


As your congregation prepares a spending plan for 2017, please reflect on the following in making your decisions:

  • How is your congregation using the the good news of Jesus Christ to wonder, discover, and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world?
  • How is our identity as a church in the Lutheran tradition a driver for your congregation's plan in the coming year?
  • In what ways do the resources you allocate for ministry reflect our trust that God's Spirit is active and transforms the lives of others?
  • Where are you participating in ministries together with other expressions of the church to achieve a scale and scope that could not be done otherwise?
  • How is your congregation a catalyst, convener, and bridge builder for justice and peace?
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