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Lilly Grant Initiative: MEF Debt Relief Application

Ministerial Excellence Fund Application for a Debt Relief Grant

This application for debt relief applies to all debt relief and assistance requests including: seminary and other student loans; retirement, continuing education and emergency assistance; credit card, medical and other living expense debt.

Any rostered minister in the Rocky Mountain Synod (active, retired, disabled, on leave from call) or candidates who are currently in the process through the Rocky Mountain Synod are welcome to apply. Grant applications submitted will be received and reviewed by the RMS Fiscal Wellness Grants Board.  Please fill out the application as completely as possible to ensure timely review and response from the Board.

The information provided in this application will be held in strict confidence and will not be publicized, disclosed or disseminated outside of the purpose for which it is provided.

Check all that apply:
Total grant amounts up to $2,000; up to $5,000 for education debt relief (seminary & undergraduate); emergency debt relief up to $1,000
Does not apply to Education Debt Relief, Continuing Education or Emergency grants. Must be 55 years or older to be eligible for the incentive on the Retirement Savings Incentive grant.
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