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Lilly Grant Initiative: Financial Wellness Advocate

Fiscal Wellness Advocate Position Description for Educate, Equip, Enact

A Fiscal Wellness Advocate in the Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS) is a person of faith (rostered minister or lay person) who understands the importance of financial wellness in the life of a rostered minister, and is equipped to facilitate conversation around money, debt and wholeness. 

When a rostered minister requests a grant from the RMS Ministry Excellence Fund, a Fiscal Wellness Advocate from the geographic area is assigned to meet with the rostered minister and two people from his or her ministry for conversation about money and debt.  The Fiscal Wellness Advocate will facilitate the conversation so that they develop a plan for addressing the debt, and apply for a matching grant, where applicable, (up to $1,000) from the Ministry Excellence Fund.  In addition, the Fiscal Wellness Advocate will present the menu of educational opportunities available to the rostered minister and/or ministry, and help them make their selection(s).  The Fiscal Wellness Advocate will be notified when the grant has been approved/denied, and will help the rostered minister be accountable for following through with the educational opportunity.

These are the current Fiscal Wellness Advocates positioned around the Rocky Mountain Synod:

  • Pr. Michael Tassler, Colorado Springs CO;
  • Kim Wermerskirchen, Littleton CO;
  • Matt Hall, Golden CO;
  • Roger Johnson, Golden CO.

The Fiscal Wellness Advocate will:

  • Be an ambassador for Equip, Educate, Enact – helping the rostered minister and ministry recognize the connectedness we share in our work together;
  • Have understanding and comfort with financial matters, including congregational budgets, personal budgets, and debt;
  • Be aware of the growing list of resources available to help address issues related to debt, stewardship, financial management, and financial wellness.
  • Help others work through the shame that is often present when talking about debt;
  • Be an encourager, knowing that the work is to build up the health of the rostered minister, who then builds up the health of the ministry, which then brings vitality to the community for Jesus’ sake.


Download PDF of Fiscal Wellness Coach
Position Description

Julie Nelson is the Equip, Educate, Enact Associate Project Director.  To express interest in being an advocate, please contact her at (link sends e-mail) or by phone at 970-454-3426.