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Lilly Grant Initiative: Financial Wellness Grants Board

Financial Wellness Grants Board

•    Appointed by Bishop and Synod Council
•    Three rostered and Two non-rostered members
•    Three-year staggered terms

Persons Currently Serving on Grants Board:

  • Marti Weber, Salt Lake City UT;
  • Pr. Steve Klemz, Salt Lake City UT;
  • Pr. Debra Jimenez, Hobbs NM;
  • Pr. Brian Bergum, Granby CO;
  • Sandy Ohlson, LaSalle CO


•    Develop and further define criteria and procedures by which grants will be rewarded

•    Develop and monitor grant application forms

•    Work within the parameters of fund management developed by the 3E Steering Team

•    Receive, review, and act upon grant applications and determine grant amounts

•    With the Bishop, manage and disburse Special Needs Fund Grants