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Lilly Grant Initiative: Steering Team

Educate, Equip, Enact
Lilly Grant Initiative for Addressing Economic Challenges of Rostered Ministers in the Rocky Mountain Synod

Steering Team

  • Appointed by Synod Council
  • At least three rostered minsters with additional lay leaders
  • Serve 2017-2019
  • Bishop and Vice-President serve as ex officio members


  • Work with the Project Director for management and supervision of 3E
  • Work with the Project Director to develop, oversee, and evaluate the programmatic and educational aspects of 3E
  • With the Project Director, coordinate stewardship programs and stewardship education in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Synod Director for Evangelical Mission and the Synod’s Generosity Table.
  • Monitor the work of the Fiscal Wellness Grants Board to insure that the resources of MEF are being used within the guidelines of the program and constraints of the Lilly Endowment Grant
  • Evaluate and monitor the outcomes of 3E and, with the Project Director, develop regular reports to Lilly Endowment and the Synod.

Team Members appointed by Synod Council February 2018

  • Pr. Ron Bockhaus
  • Larry Patella
  • David Carlson
  • Deb Elstad
  • Pr. Alison George
  • Pr. Sonja Pancoast
  • Pr. Michael Tassler, Lilly Endowment Initiative Project Director
  • Julie Nelson, Lilly Endowment Initiative Associate Project Director