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Strategic Plan

Christ's Church, Better Together


In 2017, we completed a strategic planning process that paints a compelling picture of who we are as the Rocky Mountain Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. What we see in this picture is that we are congregations and ministries, we are ministers and leaders, we are partners and people of Christ’s Church who together proclaim and embody God’s unconditional love for the sake of the world.

That’s our mission, that’s our reason for being: to so live in the fullness of God’s love – a love that seeks us out in Jesus, a love that claims and inhabits us through the Holy Spirit, a love that without exception is for each and every person, for each and every part of us – we are called to so live in the fullness of that love that together we proclaim and share and embody it for all people, for the whole creation. Can you think of anything more important, any better reason for getting up each day?

As the ELCA Rocky Mountain Synod, together we proclaim and embody God’s unconditional love – and we do so for the sake of the world, a world that is divided and hurting, a world living in all kinds of death. Ours is a world yearning for new life and hope, which is exactly what we have to offer. We are Christ's Church, Better Together.


The fruit of our work is four Ministry Result Areas:



Interested in the details of how we are called to be Christ's Church, Better Together? Read the Strategic Plan Documents on the right.