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Assembly Schedule

This is a tentative outline of the 2019 Synod Assembly Schedule. The schedule will be updated as changes are made. All plenary sessions and worships will take place in the Sandia Ballroom.


Friday, May 3

  9:00am      Display Set-up begins
11:00am      Registration Opens

  12-2pm      Interactive Displays open

  1:00pm      Orientation for new voting members and new to the synod 
  1:00pm      Orientation for youth visitors and youth voting members 
  2:00pm      Opening Worship with Ecumenical Guests
  3:30pm      Break  

  4:00pm      Plenary 1
                      Opening Assembly Business
                      Officer and Churchwide Reports
                      Update from Border and Immigration Ministries

  6:00pm      Dinner 
  6:15pm      Breakout conversations for Resolution and Memorials
                    Budget Conversation 

  7:30pm      Richard Rohr Session 1

  8:00pm      Deadline for turning in nomination forms for all elections


Saturday, May 4

  7:45am      Open Space Prayer Stations (Plenary Hall)

  8:00am      Registration Open
                    Voting Open  for Synod Secretary (online)

  8:30am      Plenary 3
Morning Hymn Sing   
                       Richard Rohr Session 2

 9:45am       Break: Displays staffed

10:15am      Plenary 4
Resolutions and Memorials
                      Budget Adoption
                      Word Hunger Offering

12:00pm       Lunch

  1:15pm      Richard Rohr Session 3

  2:30pm      Depart for Excursions
                    On-site Immersions begin  

  3:30-6pm   Inter-active display room open

 4:45pm        Workshop/Conversation space

  5:00pm       Dinner available in foyer

  6:30pm       Evening Worship (area congregations invited to join)

 8:00pm        Dessert Reception

Sunday May 5

  8:30am       Plenary 5
                       Election Report
                       Bishop's Closing reflection