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Assembly Schedule

This is a tentative outline of the 2020 Synod Assembly Schedule. The schedule will be updated as changes are made.

Friday, May 1

9:00-12:00pm             Pre-assembly gatherings as requested

11:30-1:00pm             Registration
                                        Lunch available as you arrive

1:00pm                       Opening of Assembly (begins in each local context)

1:15pm                       Plenary 1: Opening Business (via Zoom)       

3:00pm                       Break/Local Impact Project/Exhibitors

3:45pm                       Plenary 2: Continued Assembly Business

5:30pm                       Dinner

6:45pm                       Evening Worship: Celebrating Women's Ordination

Saturday, May 2

8:15am                        Morning Hymn Sing

8:30am                        Morning Prayer with local ministry partner:

9:00am                        Plenary 3: Continued Assembly Business

10:00am                      Break

10:30am                      Plenary 4: Closing Assembly Business

12:00pm                     Lunch 

1:00pm                       Worship 

2:00-5:00pm              Immersion

5:00pm:                  Closing Reflections and closing prayer (ZOOM)