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President's Corner

by Anna Thompson

Greetings from the RMSWO Board wishing you a blessed day. Each day I wake up, I turn on the radio and listen to KLOVE and then read the Word and Season for the day. It’s a great way to start the day.  God gives us each day to do with as He will. What choices have you made in your life? Have you given a part of your life back to Him through love shared, a hug given, a smile for someone you do not know?  It doesn’t have to be big moments, but little gifts given to another without someone telling you how or when or why.  Life happens and we each have to prioritize our time and where we can put our effort but once a commitment is given and others are counting on you, it is important to follow through. 

Remember you are not alone, you have a relationship with God and He is there to help you figure out your life and how to make everything work out.  I am a procrastinator, but even with that I am able to get help from Him to finish my responsibilities.  As a leader, I do not always do what is expected or in the timeframe that I have set but I know I have help to get me back on track when I just ask God for help.

According to Ralph Nader, “the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” It is time for us to be looking for more women who would like to become part of the leadership for the Board. Stepping up to make plans for two years of activities for the women in the Synod is exciting.

Let me finish with this prayer from the 2015 Thankoffering Service: “Creator God, you call us into relationship with you and with all of creation. In Jesus you gave us mercy beyond our understanding and showed us how to live with grace toward each other. Your blessings are like the dew in the morning and the stars in the heavens, not to be counted but to be received with thanksgiving and generously shared. Keep us moving always toward you and our neighbor, eager to share and receive. In the name of Christ we pray.” Amen.