Walking together as companions in Christ

As a Glocal Church, we partner with Lutherans around the globe for the sake of relationship, ministry, and a shared witness in the Gospel. Every synod in the ELCA has a global companion synod we partner with in a spirit of accompaniment. 



All our activities with Madagascar are expressions of the ELCA’s mission philosophy of accompaniment. Accompaniment means “walking together in solidarity, characterized by mutuality and interdependence. In this walk we share gifts, experiences, and resources, but also advice and admonition that will assist both companions for expanding and deepening the capacity for ministry.”

About Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is about as far away from the Rocky Mountain Synod as you can get geographically, culturally, and economically. The Rocky Mountain Synod has been privileged to share in relationship with four companion synods in the Malagasy Lutheran Church of Madagascar. The four companion synods are: 

  • Mahajanga Synod
  • Antsiranana Synod
  • Avaratra Atsinanana Synod
  • Sofia Synod

All four of our companion synods are located in the northern third of the island. The Lutheran presence in this part of Madagascar is the result of migration from the traditionally Lutheran southern parts of the island by people in search of work and fertile lands. They are powerful evangelists! Several of the synods have experienced growth through their healing ministries and their zeal for the gospel. The Malagasy Lutheran Church’s Project Shalom is a health, literacy and agricultural ministry integrated with evangelism among Muslims in our partner synods and elsewhere in the country.


Betela Regional Seminary

Betela Regional Seminary serves all four of these synods and has been a primary focus of our financial support. Betela is included in the budget of the Rocky Mountain Synod and several fund raising projects have provided solar power and lighting, new student housing, an electric pump for the well, bikes for new pastors, and financial support for continuing education for their pastors, women theologians and catechists

Partner With Us

Continuing the journey

As we look to the future we seek to grow in faith, mission and friendship with our companions in Madagascar. We ask you to join us. 

Pray for the people and their powerful witness to the Gospel in a country which is just 50% Christian. Pray for the pastors and other leaders who serve in the midst of extreme poverty and all its accompanying challenges. Pray for our ELCA missionaries who serve in health care, education and leadership development in partnership with the Malagasy Lutheran Church. Give generously to special projects that allow us to share from our abundance. Receive the gifts of passion and zeal for the Gospel that spills forth in effective evangelism demonstrated by these Malagasy Lutheran Christians. Learn more about our companion synods through one of the many previous visitors eager to visit your congregation and from resources available on the RMS and ELCA websites.



Seeds of Hope

Since April 2002, congregations and individuals have contributed to the Rocky Mountain Synod Companion Synod Project providing funds for solar lighting and power at Betela Lutheran Regional Seminary, bicycles for pastors, and funding for theological conferences which allow Malagasy pastors and women theologians to gather for discussion and support. Since its inception, Seeds of Hope has generated over $200,000 for projects in Madagascar.