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We’re on a journey rooted in justice and equality. We desperately need each other as we work together to find our freedom. The church has the power to come together and defy racism - not as an easy or cheap form of “one-ness” rather as a powerful movement of God’s presence in us. We offer ourselves together recognizing the inflection point in society and church which calls each of us to defy the standard of whiteness and live the standard of the cross. What are youwilling to give or give-up that we can be one?

-Pr. Richard Gianzero, Opening Worship, 2020 RMS Theological Conference


ACT4RMS Anti-Racism Team

Rev. Barbara Berry-Bailey
Rev. Richard Gianzero
Brenda Fosse
Ihoby Rakotomalala
Rev. Gordy Sandquist
Rev. Paula Stecker
Jaen Ugalde
Rev. Penni Walsh
Deacon Erin Power (Office of the Bishop Liaison)
Bishop Jim Gonia


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