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Synod Council

Rocky Mountain Synod Constitution 

Changes to the model Synod Constitution have come out of decisions from the 2016 Churchwide Assembly.  Many of the changes reflect the decision to create a new unified roster for Word and Service, called Deacon.  The new language refers to our 2 rosters:  Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ministers of Word and Service.  

The Constitution was approved by the 2017 Synod Assembly: 
RMS Constitution

*** With the implementation of the Rocky Mountain Synod Strategic Plan, a team from our Synod Council reviewed our Constitution and discovered that Chapter 11: Committees, Boards, and Commissions was in need of significant revision. Download a copy of the RMS Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions with the proposed changes, here. We ask for your congregation to review and discuss these changes to provisions, which will be voted on at our Synod Assembly in May of 2018. Questions or comments may be directed to Secretary Jody Brammer-Hoelter at

The Synod Council serves as the Rocky Mountain Synod board of directors and as the interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. 

Synod Council Commitment to Serve/Behavioral Covenant 

Rocky Mountain Synod Officers
  • The Rev. James Gonia - Bishop 2018
  • Ms. Earline Bohling - Vice President 2021
  • Ms. Jody Hoelter - Secretary 2019
  • Mr. Dennis Reynolds - Treasurer 2018
Synod Council

Synod Council Lay

  • Diana Biggs 2020
  • Susan Mitchell 2020
  • Terry Cole 2022
  • Todd Herreid, 2020
  • Amelia Decker
  • Maggie Nieberger (Youth) 2020
  • Bunga Manurung 2020
  • Jay Voth 2020
  • Debra Frank Dew 2022
  • Ray Ferry 2022

Synod Council Clergy

  • The Rev. Julie Brooks 2020
  • The Rev. Sara Wirth 2020 
  • The Rev. Matthew Bolz-Weber 2022
  • The Rev. Reba Kiger-Kolasch 2022
  • The Rev. Dave Palma-Ruwe
  • The Rev. Terry Schjang
Consultation Committee


  • Carlene Goldthwaite (6 year term ending 2020)


Committee on Discipline


  • Betty Boyd (6 year term ending 2019)


  • The Rev. Scott Jorgenson (6 year term ending 2019)
  • The Rev. Inga Oyan Longbrake (6 year term ending 2019)