The Rev. Jim Gonia (he/him)
(303) 970-0264 (Yvonne)


Rev. Barbara Berry-Bailey (she/her)
Special Assistant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Rev. Deacon Sarah Bjornebo (she/her)
Assistant to the Bishop for Communication and Innovation
(303) 970-0259
  • Events
  • Communications
  • Grant Writing
  • 3E Lilly Grant Program Director
Rev. Quirino Cornejo (he/him)
Minister for Multicultural Witness (shared position with the Episcopal Church in Colorado)
Jon Johnson (he/him)
Finance Manager
(303) 970-0363
  • Finances
  • Staff Support
Miss Kinna Nordstrom Kemp (she/her)
Faith Formation Coordinator
  • Faith Formation
Tina Kvitek (she/her)
Assistant to the Bishop for Generosity
(303) 970-0246
  • Mission Support
  • Development
  • Stewardship
  • Technology
Rev. Diana Linden-Johnson (she/her)
Assistant to the Bishop for Rostered Ministry
(303) 970-0366
  • Candidacy and First Call
  • Rostered Minister Support
  • Global Church
  • Outdoor Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
Andrew Nakatani (he/him)
Communications Assistant
Rev. Dana Peterson (he/him)
Assistant to the Bishop for Congregational Vitality, and Director for Evangelical Mission
(303) 970-0261
  • Vital Right Shaped Ministry
  • New Congregations
  • Renewing Congregations
Yvonne Wilken (she/her)
Administrative Assistant for Leadership
(303) 970-0264
  • Roster Management
  • Candidacy Support
  • Transitions Support
  • Bishop and Synod Council Support

Lutheran Advocacy Ministry

Kurt Rager (he/him)
Director, New Mexico
(505) 242-2493
  • Advocacy Ministry in New Mexico
  • Border Servant Corps
Peter Severson (he/him)
Director, Colorado
(303) 970-0243
  • Advocacy Ministry in Colorado
  • Bishop's Staff Liaison to Social Ministry Organizations
    • Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains
    • Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center (Brush, Colo.)
    • Urban Servant Corps (Denver, Colo.)
  • Bishop's Staff Liaison to Lutheran Disaster Response

Congregational Transition

Rev. Deacon Janice Zimbelman (she/her)
Transition Ministry Director, in collaboration with Grand Canyon Synod
  • Transitions (Call Process, Interim Ministry)
Rachel Line (she/her)
Transitions Administrator (in collaboration with Grand Canyon Synod)
Janice Ladd-Horkey (she/her)
Associate for Candidate Identification
Rev. Mandy Achterberg (she/her)
Transition Coach
Rev. Will Johnson (he/him)
Transition Coach
Rev. Pam Stofferahn (she/her)
Transition Coach
Flip Wilson (he/him)
Transition Coach
Rev. Elizabeth "Libbie" Reinking (she/her)
Transition Coach

Excellence in Leadership

Rev. Sarah Moening (she/her)
(303) 970-0245
Dana Anderson (she/her)
Program Manager
Rev. Mandy Achterberg (she/her)
Program Manager

Messiah Mountain Retreat Center

Jen Engquist (she/her) & Matt Bishop (he/him)
Center Site Managers

ELCA Ministry Partners

Rev. Janice Kibler (she/her)
Mission Investment Fund - Regional Manager
  • ELCA investment opportunities for individuals, congregations and ministries
  • ELCA loan opportunities for congregations and ministries
Andrea Arey (she/her)
Portico Benefit Services
  • Resources for events
  • Benefit information
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Council Meetings