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Peace Not Walls

ACTION ALERT: Urge your lawmakers to support Augusta Victoria Hospital!   

Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) is operated by The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Jerusalem, serving Palestinians in the West Bank. It is the first and only hospital to provide radiation therapy for cancer patients in the Palestinian territories and is the only medical facility in the West Bank offering pediatric kidney dialysis. The hospital is in need of funding to serve the people referred for care by the Palestinian Authority. Although Congress released $25 million in early 2017, the hospitals in East Jerusalem face another financial crisis because the amount released does not cover the amount owed for treatment in Gaza and the West Bank. Since the President is meeting with Mahmoud Abbas on May 3, this is a good time to ask our members of Congress to insist that this be on the agenda for their meeting. Read and respond to the action alert:

Churchwide Assembly Actions - the 2016 assembly took two actions urging action for peace with justice in the Holy Land:

  • Peace with Justice in the Holy Land: Urging the US to make our foreign aid to Israel contingent on Israel's cessation of settlement construction in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem 
  • Justice for the Holy Land through Responsible Investment: Asking for development of an ELCA human rights social criteria investment screen, specifically addressing Israel and Palestine

Read a FACT SHEET about the two memorials.

In the Rocky Mountain Synod, we participate in a special ELCA campaign working for justice and peace in Palestine and Israel, through

  • Accompaniment
  • Advocacy
  • Awareness-raising

Peace Not Walls connects us with our Palestinian Lutheran companions—promoting dignity, full respect for human rights, healing and reconciiation. With our companions in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), we also accompany Palestinians and Israelis, Jews, Christians and Muslims working together for peace with justice. Learn more about the ELCA campaign.

Some ways you and your congregation can be involved:


Some resources and links for your congregation to study the issues and implement the resolutions. Members of the PNW working group (listed below) are available to help you plan.


  • 2017 Leadership Program in the Holy Land - October 16-29 - Brochure - Details
  • Contact Jan Miller for more trips or to create one for your congregation


RMS PEACE NOT WALLS working group: