Vision and Mission

For every man to be a bold, daring follower of Jesus Christ.
By God's grace, to intentionally disciple men by personally modeling the character of Jesus by living and leading a lifestyle intended to help transform from having an inward focus to a culture of naturally loving and serving our neighbors.

Lutheran Men in Mission ministers to men of all ages. Our objectives are:  

  • To expand the ministry of Lutheran Men in Mission with new programs for its ongoing mission of ministry to the Lord and to men
  • To inform and motivate members of the ELCA about the needs and opportunities of men's ministry and to provide the necessary resources to assist individual congregations and synods in starting men's programs
  • To raise necessary funds through individual gifts to meet the needs of men's ministry in local congregations and to insure that we will continue to reach more men for Christ. You can support Lutheran Men in Mission - donate here!

LMM Contacts and Resources


Are You the "Go To Guy"?


Are you the one who communicates with the men of your congregation; to call them together for events, keep them informed, announce service opportunities, etc?


If so, we would like to hear from you! We have found that by building better relationships, we can learn from each other, join efforts and grow men's ministry more effectively. We also would like to simply affirm your efforts.


So please, if you "wear this hat" at your church, identify yourself by emailing Dave Newman, LMM Director of Networking and Communications:

Rocky Mountain Chapter Contacts

Herb Hergott
LMM Ambassador 

First Lutheran Longmont

Peter Ewers
Faith Lutheran Golden

Bill Ernstrom
Faith Lutheran Golden

Justin March
Bethany Lutheran

David Oerke
Bethany Lutheran

Randy McNitt
Abiding Hope

Doug Coventry
Abiding Hope

Ambassador Gram newsletter

A newsletter from the LMM National organization. The July and OCTOBER 2022 issues are available. Click on the newsletter to download it (pdf).


OYTL Retreats


One Year to Live is NOT your typical men’s retreat!
Developed by LMM in partnership with Lyman Coleman, pioneer of small group ministry, CEO and founder of Serendipity Publishing House.  The One Year to Live retreat is designed to be a life changing, lay led event.

Click here to visit the OYTL website