2021 Synod Assembly
April 28-May 1, 2021

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly! Registration is now closed, but all sessions will be streamed to the Rocky Mountain Synod Facebook page


Assembly information:

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  • Assembly Materials
  • Information about your assembly packet
  • Preparing for the assembly 
  • How to participate in this year's assembly

How to Participate in This Year’s Assembly:

For gathering as a small group in person:

  • Set up a room with a screen/tv and computer to participate in the ZOOM sessions. It is important for a microphone to be set up for participants to speak to assembly business items. We will also be utilizing the chat feature for requesting to speak.
  • Each congregation will receive a packet with assembly materials for voting members, as well as fun things that will be used throughout the event. 
  • Organize snacks and meals ahead of time:
    • Organize a potluck with voting members or assign each person a meal
    • Invite the congregation to participate by providing meals for assembly attendees
  • Create a retreat atmosphere: make sure snacks and beverages are readily available in the room; gather all supplies ahead of time, add some fabric, candles, and comfy chairs to set a welcoming atmosphere!
  • Voting will be done via electronic voting platform. It is easiest if each voting member has their own device, but the voting window will be long enough to allow for device sharing if needed.


For gathering individually:

  • If you determine to not gather as a small group, rostered ministers should ensure each voting member is comfortable with the zoom platform and has a tablet/ipad/mobile device for participating in the voting. 
  • All materials will be sent to the congregation, so you will need to divide up and distribute materials to each voting member.
  • The rostered minister will need to fill out the online form to inform the Office of the Bishop that your congregation will require a breakout room for the small group times. 
  • Visitors, retired rostered voting members, and those in specialized ministry who are not gathering with a congregation may also request to be put in an online breakout room using this request form.

NOTE: We are limited to 50 breakout rooms. If we receive more than 50 requests, we will pair up congregations for conversation.

Assembly Materials


Assembly Materials Packet

  • Each congregation will receive a packet of materials for the voting members of your congregation. 
    • Boulder-Broomfield, Metro East, Metro South, and Metro West (Metro) congregations will need to pick up their packets at the Office of the Bishop. Packet will be available beginning Monday, April 16. Office hours are M-F, 8:30-4:30pm
    • All other congregational packets will be mailed to the congregation.
  • Visitors who requested materials, retired rostered voting members, and those serving in specialized ministry will have their packets mailed to them. 

Preparing for the Assembly