CLU Impact Stories from 2019 & 2020 Participants

Financial and marketing techniques were not taught in seminary, and yet are sorely needed. Marketing is something we have little experience with, especially. This should allow me to understand better where our capabilities lie, where our underused resources might be, and how we can use them better.

I truly enjoyed the conversation of connecting business models with church models.  The church I serve is failing because a business model was never a portion of the conversation.  The congregation I serve has never done a vision process nor done the hard work of wondering where God is leading their ministry.  This is incredibly hard work, yet exciting work.  I came home with many tools to influence my leadership and the people of Trinity.  It always a wonderful week to rub elbows with other faithful ministers who are passionate for vibrant ministry.

The course offered practical information and tools for better managing operational aspects of ministry.  I was able to return to my congregation with tools to share with our Treasurer.  We were given tools and concepts to help our council and congregation to engage in self-examination.  In particular, the Five Most Important Questions activities were extremely helpful.  I'm looking forward to sharing them here with my congregation.  Collaboration and conversation with other pastors was extremely useful.  No matter the size of our ministries, we were able to brainstorm together and learn from authentic experience.

I have only been back for 2 weeks and I am already implementing marketing, finance and mission and values ideas and lessons that I learned! This helps my ministry in communication with one another and with the community to grow our ministry that God is calling us to do!

A business perspective was very helpful, as it brings a fresh way of thinking to ministry. Leading any organization effectively requires becoming competent in the skills and learning the content of this course. 

There was a lot of info, and not all of it can be implemented, and some are things that we are already doing.  However, some of the ideas that were garnered are from colleagues. I specifically am interested in using one theme/idea from each day over the next year plus. The enhancement also will come from my approach to conflict situations and being able to use tools from this course, in the day to day ministry.