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Ethnic Congregations

Cristo Rey El Paso

HKBP Montclair Indonesian Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO

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The original Mission Statement from 2012 was 3 words: 1) Marturia (Testimonal); 2) Koinonia (Fellowship); and Diakonia (Service).

Certainly, this Indonesian/American congregation is very good at Fellowship coming together anytime a member is in need – sometimes even offering to care for the sons and daughters of the parents who have been deported. They take this responsibility very seriously. Gatherings in homes and every Sunday at church are very important to support one another and celebrate their native Indonesian customs. The Church considers Bible studies for Adults, Sunday School, Youth, and Naposa (young people confirmed and not yet married) to be an essential part of their faith life.

This past year we have been very involved in improving the Sunday School experience using an ELCA curriculum.  We have tried to restart the home Bible studies with some success. And, we have tried to reorganize all of the youth programs after a leadership change. That continues to be a work in progress. We have also tried to start learning about and doing service projects in the community – something new for the young people and trying to get more of the congregation involved in this ministry. The youth made gifts for the residents and went caroling to several assisted living homes. They also went downtown to meet and offer food gift cards to the homeless people.

A highlight of this past Summer was that 13 of our youth were able to attend a Bible camp for the first time at Sky Ranch. A new and positive experience for those that attended but it took a lot of courage! We did have financial help from a Grant and from the camp; otherwise, the cost would have been prohibitive.  Currently, we are planning a Mission trip in June 2020 to help with building issues at an Orphanage in Balige, Sumatra in Indonesia. We have been raising money but much of the planning is just starting.