Initial Cohort of Congregations Participating in Stewardship for All Seasons that began May 2017:

  • Shepherd of the Mountains, Estes Park
  • Cross of Hope, Albuquerque NM
  • Cross of Christ, Broomfield CO
  • Zion, Salt Lake City
  • St. Philip, Littleton CO
  • Atonement, Boulder CO
  • Evergreen, Evergreen CO
  • Augustana, Denver CO
  • Bethlehem, Longmont CO
  • Zion, Loveland CO
  • Ascension, Ogden UT
  • Peace, Las Cruces NM
  • Lord of the Hills, Centennial CO
  • Saint Peter, Greenwood Village CO

Opportunity to Join the Next Cohort:

We are looking for the next 25 congregations to participate in Stewardship for All Seasons, starting in May 2018.  The cost for the program is $2900 plus the services of a graphic artist ($675 if you use the one associated with Stewardship for All Seasons).  Scholarships for $1500 and $2000 are available through the Ministry Excellence Fund.  Stewardship for All Seasons will help you name and claim your part of God's mission, and then invite people to participate financially.  It is common to see a 10-40% increase in the number of givers, as well as the amount being given.  The consultants will be on-site three times during the year to work with the congregations as a group, and then meet with congregations individually via web/conference call.  Mike Ward of Stewardship for All Seasons will be with us at our Theological Conference in September, and available to answer questions and help you decide if this will help you strengthen your ministry.