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Global Church Speaker's Bureau

Global Church Speaker's Bureau

As Christ's Church, Better Together we have people all around our synod who have global church experience or are passionate about our witness as a global church.  Connect with one our speakers to share our global story with your congregation or ministry:

GM Unit          

Gail Mundt - Fort Collins, CO                     
Rev. Randall A. Mundt - Fort Collins, CO            

Medical Missionary

Stacie Dougherty - Colorado Springs, CO


Drew Culp - Denver, CO                        
Amelia Decker - Denver, CO                        
Sarah Adam - Denver, CO                        
Christina Kinz - Denver, CO                  
Ian Stitt - Denver, CO
Ryana Holt - Colorado Springs, CO      
Peter Severson - Westminster, CO                
Josh Stallings - Lakewood, Co                    
Adam Lee Kirberg - Evergreen, CO                  

Taisha McWilliams - Salt Lake City, UT              


Peace Not Walls - Palestinian Lutheran Ministries

Jan Miller - Denver, CO
Jo Ann Wacker-Farrand - Denver CO




Current and former missionaries:

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