Global Church Speaker's Bureau

As Christ's Church, Better Together we have people all around our synod who have global church experience and/or are passionate about our witness as a global church. Connect with one of our speakers (see the list of contacts below) to share our global story with your congregation or ministry.

In planning for a Global Church speaker to visit your church or event, please be prepared to reimburse them for round trip mileage. The 2021 rate is 57.5 cents per mile . The inviting congregation may want to give an honorarium to the speaker as well.  Should an overnight stay be necessary, the congregation is encouraged to provide lodging and/or expenses. This is a wonderful way to meet those who have served internationally.

Global Mission Unit         

Rev. Gail Mundt - Littleton CO                     
Rev. Randall A. Mundt - Littleton, CO            
Rev. Christa von Zychlin - Albuquerque, NM
Rev. Wayne Nieminen - Albuquerque, NM
Amanda King - Roswell, NM

Medical Missionary

Stacie Dougherty - Trinidad, CO

Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM)

Amelia Decker - Denver, CO - United Kingdom                        
Christina Kinz - Denver, CO - Argentina/Uruguay                  
Ian Stitt - Denver, CO - Madagascar
Taisha McWilliams - Dolores, CO - South Africa
Adam Lee Adam Kirberg - Evergreen, CO - Madagascar                  
Sarah Adam Kirberg- Evergreen, CO - Madagascar
Josh Stallings - Lakewood, Co - Mexico                    

Peace Not Walls - Palestinian Lutheran Ministries

Jan Miller - Denver, CO
Jo Ann Wacker-Farrand - Denver CO

Current and former missionaries:

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