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Resolutions & Memorials


2017 Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly:

2017 marks a significant time in the life of the church- a time that only comes around once every 500 years!  In light of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we will be putting aside "business as usual" in order to spend time together in conversation, Bible study, worship, and community.  Our hope for the 2017 Synod Assembly is that we will spend time reflecting on where we have been and who we are today as church for the sake of the world.  We are asking that resolutions and memorials be put on hold for this year, along with all non-essential business.  Only required business items (budget, Vice-President election) will be brought before the assembly by the Synod Council.  


Please email Deacon Erin Power with any questions, concerns, or urgent resolution consideration. The deadline for receiving resolutions is March 27, 2017.


Who may submit a resolution?

Prior to the Assembly 
• A congregation of this synod
• A board, committee, or conference of this synod
• Resolution or memorial signed by at least ten rostered leaders and/or members of RMS congregations 

During the Assembly
• Any voting member of the Assembly may submit a resolution or memorial to the Committee on Reference and Counsel. The Committee on Reference and Counsel will make recommendations to the Assembly and may work with the author(s) of the resolutions to craft appropriate language.

What is the process?

The Resolution Submission Form is used when submitting a resolution or memorial for consideration by the RMS Assembly. 

All resolutions and memorials received in the Rocky Mountain Synod office by the deadline MARCH 27 will be placed in the pre-Assembly materials and will be considered by the Assembly. 

Submit an electronic copy by email to, then sign and mail a hard copy to:

Rocky Mountain Synod ELCA 
Attention Janice Ladd-Horkey 
7375 Samuel Drive
Denver, CO 80221 

Resolutions and memorials submitted after the deadline and up until the stated time in the agenda will be submitted to the voting members. However, resolutions and memorials submitted during this time period must receive two-thirds vote of the Assembly before they are allowed to be debated and voted on by the Assembly. Thus, resolutions and memorials received after the deadline may not be dealt with by the Assembly All resolutions and memorials, regardless of when they were received, are immediately dated and sent to the members of the Committee on Reference and Counsel.