We work from abundance. From the opening chapters of Genesis depicting a flourishing, fruitful creation, to Jesus’ mission articulated in the Gospel of John: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,” God promises an abundance of gifts for the life of the world. The Lilly Endowment National Initiative and the RMS afford 3E abundant resources to support the development of our programs.

Participated in SAS and want more?  

One of the SAS Phase I learnings is that continued use of the SAS principles from those that participate leads congregations into building cultures of generosity. Because of this, we strongly encourage a second year of stewardship education that deepens the practice and spirituality of stewardship beyond the congregation’s annual appeal.,

Gronlund Sayther Brunkow Fundraising (GSB) contracts with 3E to provide SAS Year 2 programming.  The focus in Year 2 is on fundraising methods beyond the annual appeal. There is a cost to SAS Year 2 and 3E scholarships are made available to congregations that have completed SAS Year 1 and choose to continue with GSB for a second year.

3E fully recognizes that some congregation may need a refresher on the SAS principles and help bringing new stewardship leadership into the SAS model.   So in our Lilly Grant for Phase II, we are offering a SAS Refresher program that will be led by GSB consultants, share new materials on building generosity in the time of Coronavirus, and new videos on Strategic Planning, Governance, Gratitude and Volunteerism.  The SAS Refresher is held on an hour-long Zoom session each month and an online sharing space for communications and access to session materials.  A primary tool will be using excellent stewardship books, such as Abundance: Creating a Culture of Generosity (by Mike Ward, a partner at GSB). Other books that support or supplement SAS guiding principles may be added.

The SAS Refresher course is scheduled from August to March and is offered at no extra cost to any congregation who participated in SAS Cohorts 1, 2 or 3.