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Veteran Servant Corps Project

Our mission: The Rocky Mountain Synod Veteran Servant Corps Project partners with ELCA faith communities to recognize and support veterans.

In 2007, at the Tenth Biennial Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA), the assemblage approved a Memorial that stated “All congregations of this church will support military personnel and their families. The ELCA will provide a welcoming and supportive environment for returning military personnel, and it recommended that the ELCA Conference of Bishops and ELCA Bureau of Federal Chaplaincy Ministries explore ways that the ELCA ‘might effectively provide healing ministries to military veterans and their families.’

Veteran Servant Corps Project (VSCP) was approved by the Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS) Council on May 1, 2020. The idea for this ministry, though, has been years in the making. One of the tenets of Rocky Mountain Synod Veteran Servant Corps Project is to provide training for ELCA clergy and pastoral care support staff to understand veteran issues.

There are about 740,000 Veterans (both active and retired) in the RMS. And there are currently thousands of homeless veterans in our synod. The National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide 2018-2028 was published in late 2018. According to this document, 20 veterans a day complete suicide. “To advance the goal of eliminating Veteran suicide, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its stakeholders must reduce the burden of suicide among all Veterans, whether or not they are receiving benefits or services from VA. Not all Veterans are connected to VA or other agencies, so VA and its stakeholders must find innovative strategies to serve Veterans who do not – and may never – seek care, benefits, or services within its system. This will require VA to reach beyond the health care setting, through which it has traditionally supported Veterans’ health, and empower actors to prevent Veteran suicide in other sectors, including Faith communities. No one organization can tackle Veteran suicide alone. To save lives, multiple systems must work in a coordinated way to reach Veterans where they are.”

  • VSCP partners with agencies that help homeless veterans
  • VSCP provides no-cost retreats at ELCA camps for veterans and their families
  • VSCP provides training for ELCA clergy and pastoral care support staff to understand veteran issues
  • VSCP provides ideas and materials for veteran awareness and celebrations in ELCA communities

Veteran Servant Corps Project is such an innovative strategy that it will forever change the lives of Veterans and their families.

Please fill out this brief  form to share with us what other resources and tools we can provide, and what you are doing to support our veterans!

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