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North New Mexico/Border Assembly

Saturday Afternoon Immersion: Narrative and Identity
What information and experiences shape your congregation’s identity? Who are you together? In this afternoon session we’ll talk about one of the most powerful forces in shaping identity: narrative. You will be invited to consider the narratives that have shaped your congregation in the past and what narratives might be determining your current identity. As we look at these narratives together, we’ll ask tough questions: Are these narratives true? Where do they lead you? Finally, we’ll take the ultimate risk and invite God into the process. Through our time together, you will be given tools to begin the beautiful, difficult, essential work of discerning your congregation’s dominant narratives in light of the biblical narrative into which God invites us. 


Friday, May 1

11:30-1:00pm          Registration
                                        Lunch available in Fellowship Hall as you arrive

1:00pm                    Opening of Assembly (begins in each local context)

1:15pm                   Plenary 1: Opening Business (via Zoom)   
                                      Adopt Rules of Procedure
                                      Adopt Agenda
                                      Introduce Guests, New to Synod, Reference & Counsel
                                      Election Process
                                      Bishop Reflections
                                      Keynote 1: Jason Chestnut
                                      Mission Moment: Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-NM


3:00pm                    Break/Local Impact Project/Exhibitors

3:45pm                   Plenary 2: Continued Assembly Business
                                     Churchwide Report
                                     Treasurer’s Report
                                     Vice-President’s Report
                                     Closing Prayer from ELCA Missionary

5:30pm                   Dinner in Fellowship hall 

6:45pm                   Evening Worship: Celebrating Women's Ordination
                                    Preacher: Rev. Deb Jimenez
                                    Presider: Rev. Kristi Koppel 
                                    Assisting Minister: Deacon Laura Carson

Saturday, May 2

8:00am                     Morning Prayer with local ministry partner: Lutheran Advocacy Ministry- NM
9:00am                     Plenary 3: Continued Assembly Business
                                        Keynote 2: Jason Chesnut

10:00am                   Break: Refreshments in Fellowship Hall

10:30am                    Plenary 4: Closing Assembly Business
                                         Resolutions cont'd
                                         RMS Campaign Update 
                                         Election Report 

12:00pm                 Lunch in Fellowship Hall 
                                     ***Immersion Only Attendees arrive***

1:00pm                   Afternoon Worship: Church Becoming
                                      Preacher: Kari Lenander
                                      Presider: Rev. Wayne Nieminen
                                      Assisting Minister: Debra Alba

2:00-5:00pm              Immersion: Narrative and Identity

Assembly Guests:  
Bishop Jim Gonia
Kari Lenander, Border Servant Corps

Partners in Ministry
ELCA Foundation
Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-NM
Campus Ministry

Jim Gonia
Dana Peterson
Kurt Ragar

Synod Council
Earline Bohling


Planning Team/Assembly Leadership
Sarah Los
Worship:  Pauleta Hendrickson
Hospitality: Cross of Hope/Nicole' Ferry
Featured Ministry:  Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-NM
Technology: Richard Hielkama and Dana Peterson 
Immersion: Rachael Powell