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Wyoming/North Colorado Assembly

Friday, May 1

11:30-1:00pm          Registration
                                        Lunch available in Fellowship Hall as you arrive

1:00pm                    Opening of Assembly (begins in each local context)

1:15pm                   Plenary 1: Opening Business (via Zoom)   
                                      Adopt Rules of Procedure
                                      Adopt Agenda
                                      Introduce Guests, New to Synod, Reference & Counsel
                                      Election Process
                                      Bishop Reflections
                                      Keynote 1: Jason Chestnut
                                      Mission Moment: Needs Inc.


3:00pm                    Break/Local Impact Project/Exhibitors

3:45pm                   Plenary 2: Continued Assembly Business
                                     Churchwide Report
                                     Treasurer’s Report
                                     Vice-President’s Report
                                     Closing Prayer from ELCA Missionary

5:30pm                   Dinner in Great Hall

6:45pm                   Evening Worship: Celebrating Women's Ordination
                                    Preacher: Rev. Ruth Ann Loughry
                                    Presider: Rev. Jo Ann Neal
                                    Assisting Minister: Deacon Korra Looschen

Saturday, May 2

8:30am                     Morning Prayer with local ministry partner: Needs Inc and ELCA World Hunger

9:00am                     Plenary 3: Continued Assembly Business
                                        Keynote 2: Jason Chesnut

10:00am                   Break: Refreshments in Fellowship Hall

10:30am                    Plenary 4: Closing Assembly Business
                                         Resolutions cont'd
                                         RMS Campaign Update 
                                         Election Report 

12:00pm                 Lunch in Fellowship Hall 
                                     ***Immersion Only Attendees arrive***

1:00pm                   Afternoon Worship: Church Becoming
                                      Preacher: Peter Severson
                                      Presider: Rev. Wendy Kalan
                                      Assisting Minister: Vicar Brad Frye

2:00-5:00pm              Immersion: Church as Leaders in Disaster

Assembly Guest:  
Joe Chu, Lutheran Disaster Response

Partners in Ministry
ELCA World Hunger
ELCA Foundation
Sky Ranch
Lutheran Disaster Response

Peter Severson
Kent Mueller
Kristen Lee

Synod Council
Todd Herrod  


Planning Team/Assembly Leadership
Barry Reider
Worship:  Jane Iverson and Rev. Rebecca Aardahl
Hospitality:  Ascension Lutheran/Andrea Toven
Featured Ministry:  Needs Inc./ELCA World Hunger
Technology:  Kent Mueller and Mike Bell
Immersion: Nate Keith, Diane Frye, Tina Stegal