Together: The Best Way of Being in the Joy of God’s Abundance

3E is for you, 3E is for us. We’ve been saying that for years and we rediscover each year how true that is.  3E’s programs, funded by the generosity of the people of the Rocky Mountain Synod in partnership with the Lilly Endowment, aim to change our culture around money in the Rocky Mountain Synod.

Recently, a pastor wrote about one of our programs, Stewardship for All Seasons, “We learned that we had focused on scarcity vs generosity. It totally changed how we look at stewardship and the way we talk and think about money at church.” That’s a profound shift in focus: living from trust in God’s abundance rather than in fear of “running out” or “not having enough” or even “being enough.” Together, the best way of being, we can experience the joy of this new outlook.     

3E operates in three integrated pillars: The Ministerial Excellence Fund; Stewardship; and Vital Right-Shaped Ministry.  In 2022 3E has added a brand new program: 3E Pandemic Relief Grants.

We invite you to explore the programs and ministries of 3E. We want to hear from you and add your story to those who have experienced blessing through 3E.

For more information about 3E and how you might become a part, contact Pr. Michael Tassler, Program Director at Contact 3E.

Ministerial Excellence Fund

Ministerial Excellence Fund grants help pastors and deacons develop stronger financial literacy skills and provides direct aid to help reduce or eliminate crippling education and medical debt relief, as well as provides assistance in emergencies. Read more about the Ministerial Excellence Fund


3E Stewardship programs root faith communities in God’s promise of abundant life and equip rostered ministers and lay leaders to carry out fruitful, broad-range programs that enliven a culture if generosity.  Read More about Stewardship Programs

Vital Right-Shaped Ministry

Vital Right-Shaped Ministry (VRSM) is about reframing the realities of our day, which can often seem defeating, to see how God remains vitally, creatively present to help us adapt, become church in new ways, and find new opportunities for faithful mission. VRSM will help congregations “right-shaping” their ministries to better match their financial resources with God’s call to mission in this day. Read more about Vital Right-Shaped Ministry

We really loved the program and are still looking at the impact and we think we have a roughly 20% increase in giving forecast for the coming year and we are flabbergasted at that. Some of that gain is "concrete", meaning, people who are giving online through a recurring gift, have increased by about $8000 a year. And we are a very small church so this is pretty amazing.​ ~ Pr. Daniel Tisdale, St. Mark's, Roswell. NM

3E is part of the Lilly Endowment’s “National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders,” sharing grants of more than $28 million to a wide variety of Christian organizations across the nation. To learn more about this Lilly Endowment initiative, visit

3E Core Value 
Accountability to others.
 In all ways we wish to be authentic, transparent, and accountable to the Lilly Endowment and the staff of the National Initiative Coordination Program, our fellow ELCA grantees, our new partners in the Grand Canyon Synod, our Synod Council, the bishop and staff of the Rocky Mountain Synod, and especially to the people our programs serve.