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How can you provide needed support for 3E?

A requirement from Lilly Endowment for a Phase II grant hinges on the match of each individual Lilly dollar received. The goal for fundraising for 3E beginning January 2020 is $350,000 as the RMS portion of this Phase II grant. We have realized the goals and fundraising of the first three-year 3E Lilly grant initiative and are grateful for your participation and support.  We have more to do. Prepare to join us. 

We thank all in the Rocky Mountain Synod for helping keep the 3E momentum going!  Our goal is nothing less than the transformation of the Synod’s culture around money. 3E has become integrated with many ministry initiatives in our Synod and continues to serve as a catalyst for change. As recipients of God’s abundance for the sake of the world, we are on the road together toward greater generosity and financial health in Christ.  

Donate now and expand the reach of 3E: Educate, Equip, Enact.

If you are interested in learning more about 3E, contact 3E

Gratitude Shared

When the 3E leadership reached out to me, they were helpful, non-judgmental, understanding and more than welcoming to me. For all of these things, I'm so very grateful.​

We are deeply and humbly grateful for this assistance and affirmation of my call to ministry. Thank you!

We are so grateful for the chance to move ahead instead of just staying afloat.​congregation. I am very thankful!

I appreciate the opportunity offered by the RMS and Lilly Endowment to take this course in my first year of a new call, which may not have been possible without the financial assistance and is very helpful as I begin my first position as solo, rather than associate, pastor.​

I am deeply appreciative for this worthwhile learning experience.  My little congregation and I did not have the budget to provide for my participation.  BUT YOU DID!  Thank you!