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Stewardship for All Seasons

As part of the Lilly Grant Initiative, we have secured an opportunity for Rocky Mountain Synod congregations to participate in the Stewardship for All Seasons program presented by consultants from Gronlund Sayther Brunkow.  The purpose of Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) is to guide pastors and congregation leaders to learn tried & true basic principles and effective methodologies to carry out productive stewardship programs, learn how to do year-round on-going stewardship resulting in more money for ministry, a greater amount of energized stewards, and a culture of generosity.  

3E: Educate, Equip, Enact provides generous scholarships for congregations which are based on operating budgets and intended to include most every size congregation.  Cohorts of around 20 congregations are organized each year of the 2017-2019 grant and begin at Synod Assembly. 

NOTE:  Please contact Deb Elstad, 3E SAS Coordinator, if you wish to be placed on a waitlist for the proposed next cohort for SAS.  We planning to recruit 10 congregations for Cohort 4 which will begin May 2020. As we are currently in the grant proposal process, it is not guaranteed that a second Lilly Grant will be awarded.  But we are confident it will and want to be ready!

3E is designed to promote open conversations about money and faith, and to encourage healthy habits and generosity when considering our use of God’s gifts. 

Listed below are other [non-SAS] resources for talking about money and approaching stewardship in the congregation. The resources include a personal money autobiography, a congregational money autobiography, questions for conversation about our values and money (perfect for your next council or stewardship committee meeting), and a brief history of stewardship.

If you are interested in participating or have questions about the SAS program, please contact Deb Elstad, SAS Coordinator, at

Reported Results and Experiences from 2017 Cohort 1

Check out these videos from 5 congregations that participated in 2017-18 Cohort 1 for Stewardship for All Seasons