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Financial Education

Abundance – that word describes the educational opportunities available to our rostered ministers and congregations, and the number of partnering agencies who provide that education. 

Executive Skills for Church Leaders is a week long course taught by faculty at California Lutheran University (CLU), offered twice each year.  CLU’s Executive Skills for Church Leaders provide 1- and 2-year courses focused on professional counseling around tax issues and education debt; and training for effective compensation and salary negotiations.

Future Events: 
2021 Executive Skills for Church Leaders: July 19 - 23, 2021
2022 Executive Skills for Church Leaders: January 10 - 14, 2022
2023 Executive Skills for Church Leaders: January 9 - 13, 2023

For any questions follow up with Dorina Padilla, at or 805-493-3576.

LSS Financial Counseling

Portico Benefit Services contracts with LSS Financial Counseling to offer numerous benefits to Portico members. One of those many benefits is that Portico members and their immediate family members have access to six free financial counseling sessions. LSS Certified Financial Counselors will review financial profiles and offer individualized advice to help achieve financial goals. Even if an individual has a healthy financial status, the counseling process can affirm that they are on the right track.

What can you accomplish with one of the LSS Certified Financial Counselors?

  • Improve your credit score
  • Manage your student loans
  • Buy and protect your home
  • Establish a budget
  • Consolidate your payments with a Debt Management Plan

Simple steps to engage with a LSS Financial Counselor:

  • An appointment is scheduled over the phone (1-800-528-2926) and individual mentions “Portico” to trigger certificate generation and correct billing;
  • A one-on-one financial counseling session takes place (approx. 45 min in length) and individuals are given a very specific action plan based on the conversation;
  • A “Certificate of Attendance” is presented to the individual acknowledging completion of a first counseling session;
  • Additional sessions can be scheduled to work through the action plan (up to six).

For educational opportunities that include a cost, scholarships may be available through 3E as an encouragement for all leaders in the church to be growing in their knowledge, and growing in their ability to manage the abundance of wealth that God has trusted to our hands.


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Portico Benefit Services
provides free financial and/or retirement planning by financial planners who understand the intricacies of our church benefits plan. 

Resourceful Servants
Our ELCA churchwide partners​ have developed an online course for treasurers and other congregational leaders.