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Ministerial Excellence Fund

Application Process for Ministerial Excellence Funds

The Ministerial Excellence Fund is a sign of the partnership we share in ministry in the Rocky Mountain Synod.  Funds have been contributed by generous congregations and individuals who understand that we share a common purpose, and that lifting the welfare of one lifts the welfare of all.  The Lilly Endowment provided generous matching funds to build the Ministerial Excellence Fund for the good of our rostered ministers and candidates.  Any rostered minister in the Rocky Mountain Synod (active, retired, disabled, on leave from call) is welcome to apply.  Candidates who are currently in the process through the Rocky Mountain Synod are welcome to apply.

Applications are received by the Fiscal Wellness Grants Board, which meets quarterly.

Applications are reviewed in light of expected outcomes which include:

  1. Relief of significant financial hardship and/or enhanced financial health of the rostered minister/candidate’s household.
  2. Participation in finance and stewardship education programs and events by the rostered minister/candidate.
  3. Improved financial literacy and generous stewardship behaviors of the rostered minister/candidate.
  4. Increased financial resources flowing out of the congregation to support other shared ministries.
  5. Enhancement of the overall ministry of the rostered minister/candidate and ministry as a result of participation in the Ministerial Excellence Fund.