Responding to Pandemic-Raised Financial Challenges Faced by Rostered Ministers

The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused stress in many rostered ministers in our synod. Whether Covid-related medical bills or expenses, reduction in household income, the need for mental health and emotional support, or the need now to take a time of leave for renewal, the objective of 3E Pandemic Relief Grants is to respond to critical financial challenges faced by rostered ministers that have been exacerbated or made more visible by the Covid-19 pandemic. Explore the options to find the relief and support you need: Types of available Pandemic Relief Grants Flyer (PDF). 

These are the steps:

  1. Complete the Pandemic Relief Grants Inquiry Form to inquire about specific grants. 
  2. Consult with 3E Program Director Pastor Michael Tassler.
  3. Complete the Pandemic Relief Grant Application when you receive it from Pastor Tassler. 

If you have questions or need further information, contact 3E Program Director Pastor Michael Tassler at

Because I serve as a hospital chaplain, work has been far more intense and exhausting, with very little time off. All education/spiritual renewal and professional development reimbursement has been eliminated from department budget…My body and spirit crave sabbatical time, but there is no such provision in chaplaincy. - RMS Pastor

3E Core Value 
The power of vulnerability
. While vulnerability is often regarded as a weakness and deficit of some sort, we understand that vulnerability is our shared human lot. The appropriate expression of vulnerability subverts dominating power, removes the illusion that “everything is just fine,” and acknowledges reality. Vulnerability allows us to build community and move forward together in compassion and hope.