Center for Generosity Registration Open - Learn on your own time

You are invited to explore this new resource for rostered ministers, lay council and stewardship leaders. It is an online set of tools (podcasts, videos, documents and consultant office hours) open for individual and group education. You learn at your own pace and subjects of interest/concern to your context. 3E is interested on how this new resource may help you not just in stewardship, but a more comprehensive range of consultations on best practices for crisis management, storytelling, governance, communication, data management and more. This resource is generously funded for the Rocky Mountain Synod in 2022 by the 3E Lilly Grant. Register now to get your fully scholarshipped subscription.

Check out the website and watch an introduction video: 

  • It is readily available to an expanded list of leaders from your congregation. Council members in addition to pastors and stewardship leaders are invited.
  • It is a wonderful resource for congregations for your generosity culture-building journey...add more leaders, build on what you've learned. Enhance your common knowledge base and build skill sets.
  • Learning is not scheduled, nor is it focused entirely on fundraising. It is engaging at your own pace and choosing topics to dive into that are most relevant to your congregational context. Each participant is a "member" and can choose when, what and how they wish to learn. You can also choose topics, set up sessions to learn in your own groups.
  • The ability to schedule 1-on-1 sessions with a variety of GSB consultants to zero-in on your individual needs is a highly prized and valuable resource.

SIGNUP using this link: 
Questions? Contact Deb Elstad, 3E Associate Director for Stewardship,