Brave Experiments Round 1 - click the link to view the recording:

Brave Experiments Round 2 

Our first experiment with the Brave Experiments Zoom event clearly resonated with folks so we are going to do it again. We are looking for congregations and ministries that have conducted a brave experiment and might be willing to share at our next event. Do you or someone you know have something worth sharing? 

A brave experiment is something that came about because of a recognized need, required some risk and took a thoughtful process of making changes to adapt to new realities. Our first event highlighted new partnerships, targeted strategic planning and creative uses of property. The actual experiment is not as important as the process by which the idea was conceived and attempted. The goal of Brave Experiment is to guide us all in conducting our own ministry experiments that suit our specific context. 

Please use this form to share your ideas. Look for the next event next year before Lent! 

Produced by the Rocky Mountain Synod Church Ministries Committee